Multifunctional Abdominal Trainer Wheel

Assistance on the Way Back

The exercise equipment adopts the elastic band, and this design offers a small amount of assistance when rolling back to the starting position, which allows users to extend further while minimizing pressure on the lower back.

Core Training

5 in 1 Ab Roller allows you to do 40 kinds of training. The Core consists of more than just the abdominal and oblique muscles, it is comprised of a total of 38 muscles, including hip flexors, shoulders, back, the glutes, quads and hamstrings. It will not only help you to improve lower back strength but also decreases the risk of the muscle injury.

Non-slip rubber cover

Ensure safety and comfort, silence. Never damage carpet or wood floor.

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1. 【Twist mode】 360-degree rotating twist plate, can exercise abdomen, shoulder, chest, arm muscles.

2. 【Ab wheel exercise mode】 you can exercise the shoulders, back chest muscles.

3. 【Dumbbell mode】 exercise arm muscles, raise the chest.

4. 【Barbell mode】 exercise back and arm.

5. 【Drawstring mode】 auxiliary drawstring, more exercise posture.

  • ★5in1 Ab Roller:Breaking the traditional belly wheel mode, our products can change five modes(including ab wheel, resistance elastic band, waist twist board, dumbbell, and barbell) and can do 40 kinds of training, experience a new fitness mode, and truly realize a multi-purpose machine.
  • ★More Workout in Less Time:Get more abdominal exercises in less time by moving the rollers away from your body. You can do exercise at anytime, anywhere, to burn your calories, reduce belly, practice abdominal muscles, create perfection figure.
  • ★High quality, suitable size, good flexibility, safe and durable. The pressure-resistant rollers are made of high-quality ABS material, which has strong compression resistance and grooves on it to increase friction. Supporting the crossbar, made according to the product structure, perfectly matched with other parts, the structure is stable and firm, and more secure.
  • ★Save Money: If you want to save money on a gym membership or need to fit in a fast workout, our ab work out equipment is the ideal gym equipment for home! The non-slip rubber wheel roller securely grips any floor type, and the handles have soft padding for total comfort. It is the perfect training equipment for your home gym!
  • ★Shape the Perfect Body:Both men and women can use. Men can use it to stretch the waist, exercise the abdominal muscles and the chest muscles, stretch the arm muscles. Women can use it to slim the waist, lift the buttocks and breasts, stretch leg lines, shrink the abdomen, enhance physical fitness and improve the resistance easily. It can also keep you away from cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, subhealth and so on.
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